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Lola _ Grandpa cover.jpg

Lola and Grandpa

Little Pink Dog Books

Lola loves spending time with her Grandpa. But what happens when Grandpa is no longer there? How will Lola deal with the pain and heal her broken heart? A beautiful, reassuring story about love, loss, and the value of memories.

The Battle cover.png

The Battle

EK Books

Edward is anxious about starting knight school so he puts on his armour and prepares for battle. But what happens when his armour no longer protects him? Will Edward lose the battle? Maybe he'll find out that he has more in common with the ogres and dragons than he thought.


Where's My Dinosaur?

Yellow Brick Books

There's something growing in mummy's tummy. Could it be a puppy or a bear? Maybe it's a dinosaur. Riley's always wanted a dinosaur! Follow the hilarious adventures of a little girl who never gives up hope. Will she achieve her dream or will she discover something even more special hiding in mummy's tummy? The perfect book for anyone expecting a new addition to the family!

A Star for Mama

Little Pink Dog Books

Kip wants to show his mama how much he loves her, so he tries to catch a shooting star for her birthday. Kip chases the star but soon finds himself lost in a strange place surrounded by scary animals. Will Kip ever get the chance to show his mama how much her loves her? Find out in this charming story that celebrates the special bond between parent and child. 


Butterfly Girl

EK Books

When Olivia moves from the countryside to a city apartment, she has to leave her butterfly friends behind. Her mother assures her that she’ll make new friends, but time passes and no one comes to play. Can Olivia find a way to bring friends — both butterfly and human — back into her world? 

Front Cover - A Grandma to Love.jpg

A Grandma to Love

Little Pink Dog Books

Tessa wants a grandma – she’s never had one before – so she sets off to find a grandma who can dance, sing, and bake yummy cookies. Will Tessa ever find the perfect grandma to love and play with? Discover how one kind gesture can change someone’s life.

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